A tragic love story

The Crow: City of Angels - Chet Williamson

This is one of my favourite books/films, since I am a big fan of Vincent Perez and the crow series of books/graphic novels. The only problem I had with the book is that the name of the character is Ashe Corven but kept changing to Ashe Craven in the book for some reason. I wish the film adaptation followed the plot of the book a bit more and that the ending was the same, I haven't seen the film for awhile so I have forgotten how it ends.

The ending in the film is different to the ending in the book, which is annoying since I love the film.

Some of my favourite scenes in the book/film are when Ashe Corven goes to the

peep-o-rama to kill the first victim Nemo and he says "do you want me baby?" before he kills Nemo, then he gets vengeance for himself and his son Danny since they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and they were both murdered. 

I believe that the person who is resurrected whether it is a man or a woman is a martyr for their cause, since they have suffered greatly at the merciless hands of other people that are evil. They are given a second chance to avenge their deaths or murders, for being wronged, so that they will be at peace and finally be able to join their loved ones in the afterlife.

I wish there were more books about a variety of subjects and more female characters since there was only one female character in a graphic novel or book in the crow series. Hopefully the crow: wicked prayer is about native americans like the film is. I don't understand why there isn't a book based the film the crow:salvation either.