An interesting book

The Crow: Hellbound - A.A. Attanasio, James O'Barr

This book is about an angel that is stuck in hell and wants to save a human soul so he will be allowed entry into heaven. One of the demonic character was really annoying, since it is a snake so it pronounced everything it said a certain way. This book is like all the other crow book, because the main character isn't resurrected until 100-160 pages into the book, and it t is 237 pages long.

This book is about demons in hell that come to earth to pursue a renegade angel that was in hell and escaped to save a hell bound soul that was currently suffering or in pain in some way and would need his help. However his is a liar and cannot be trusted. If you like reading about angels, demons in the human world possessing and tormenting human beings then you will like this book. I liked some of the phrases used in this book such as "summinaries of darkness" and "vessels of inequity" but I forgot what that means.
I did like this book, but I wish it was more connected to the original graphic novel it gains inspiration from.
All of these books are original stories but don't really relate to the crow much, which is a bit annoying that they are using the name the crow and it is only very loosely connected to James O'Barr's work.