A good book

The Crow: Temple of Night - S.P. Somtow, James O'Barr

This book was okay, It was probably my least favourite, however I did like the evil character that is a serial killer Dirk Temple and the woman that is psychic/a shaman.
This book is based in Thailand, it is about a Journalist named Stephen Lelloit and his wants to make a documentary or tv show about the sex industry in Thailand but it is a little exploitative of the women that he talks to. His grandmother Linda Dusit who is the Shaman, can astral project herself into the spirit realm while there she senses an evil presence which is Dirk Temple.
Dirk Temple who is my favourite character because he is depraved and psychotic, he goes on a killing spree so he can metamorphose into a godlike being and then rule over human beings to collect their souls. However things don't exactly work out for him so eventually he is punished. One of his murder victims and her brother are finally set free.