A unique story

The Crow: The Lazarus Heart - Poppy Z. Brite, James O'Barr

The copy that I have of this book, is a pre-owned used copy but it's in relatively good condition, since it was very cheap and I was lucky to find a copy of it. This book is inspired and loosely based on the graphic novel The Crow by James O'Barr.
I haven't read any books by this author before but I was pleasantly surprised, I really like the way the book was written the characters and the plot of the book. I have never read a book about a character that was resurrected and reanimated after they had died before, I really liked the graphic detail that described what it would be like to be dead but then brought back to life for a particular purpose.
There were also references to authors and a particular style of music and goth characters in the book that I appreciated.

This book is about twin brother and sister Benjamin and Lucrese Dubois and their relationship with the main character Jared Poe who is an S&M photographer. There is a serial killer on the hunt in New Orleans where the boom is based and his victims are trans-gendered or transsexual people that are male and female. He believes that they are an abomination and should be wiped off the face of the earth (I don't share this belief and I don't hate or discriminate anyone just for their sexuality) Jordan the Ripper slayer of New Orleans, likes to do experiments on his victims and then murders them once he is finished. However, on one particular evening Jared wakes up to find Benjamin has been murdered and he is covered in his blood, Benjamin was slaughtered and the only suspect is Jared, eventually he pays for this crime with his life.
While the murders are occurring detective Frank Gray is investigating the case and following the crimes until it leads him to the real murderer Jordan.
This is a short book, and you could read it in one day, I really enjoyed reading this book, I like the pace of the plot and characters were interesting and it was well written. I liked how the focus shifts between the characters in the book and how they are all intertwined and eventually all the lose ends are tied and you reach the conclusion. If you liked The Crow graphic novel by James O' Barr then you'll like this book as
well. This is the first crow novel based on James O'Barr's work that I have read but it was really good.