An original story

The Crow: Quoth the Crow - David Bischoff, James O'Barr

While reading this book, I was wondering what this has to do with the original graphic novel because it doesn't really relate it that much. Although the main character is resurrected it doesn't happen until about half way through the book.
William Blessing is one of the main characters he is an expert and obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe the writer and poet from the 18-19th century. At first I found his character a little boring, but one he was murdered and he was resurrected the plot for this character picked up the pace.

Mick Prince and the gothiques are a group of friends who are goths and they get the idea from William's protege to break and loot the Poe collection of first edition signed books in William Blessing's library. Mick Prince is a psychopath and a murderer, he would willingly murder anyone for money or if that particular person was a nuisance with a big mouth for example.
However things don't go according to plan, after William discovered that he was betrayed by his protege Donald Marquette and the direct result of it is that his wife Amy is beaten and raped and William is murdered by Donald and his friends the Marquis and count Mishka.

William is resurrected and allowed by the crow to seek vengeance upon the people that were directly responsible for the rape and beating of his wife and to avenge his own murder. I liked reading the parts of the book about Edgar Allan Poe and his siblings and parents. I wasn't aware that he had any siblings because his family isn't mentioned much in books or in any adaptations about him.
If you are a fan of Edgar Allan Poe then you will love this book, because before the start of every chapter there is a quote from Edgar Allan Poe's poems and short stories.