It packs a punch to your brain

Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk

I liked reading this book, it was fun, darkly funny and hypnotic to read. Apparently while Chuck Palahniuk was writing this book, he had the album The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails on repeat and Trent Reznor the singer from Nine Inch Nails had the film Fight Club on repeat while he was writing the album The Downward Spiral.
Since I am a big fan of both of these people I think that is inspiring :) If you like gritty, dark stories about self-destructive losers then you will love this book. After awhile, I have to admit, that I get get a bit fed up with the protagonist or other characters talking about the rules of fight club, since it is all about macho men, beating their chests and showing everyone else who is bigger and better than them.I liked the fact that the protagonist suffered from insomnia, and he hated his life, his job and his boss and everything was a copy of a copy of a copy, just like the Nine Inch Nails song A Copy of A which reminded me them so that's why I mentioned them above. His insomnia is so severe that he can't even tell when he is awake or when he is asleep and dreaming.
I did however like the surprising twist about Tyler Durden's character and weather he was just an hallucination, or a separate entity altogether. Overall, I liked the fact that the main protagonist was relate-able, and self-destructive till he was severely hurt and still continued on with his job and attending the various different fight clubs or project mayhem.