A tragic love story

The Crow: City of Angels - Chet Williamson

This is one of my favourite books/films, since I am a big fan of Vincent Perez and the crow series of books/graphic novels. The only problem I had with the book is that the name of the character is Ashe Corven but kept changing to Ashe Craven in the book for some reason. I wish the film adaptation followed the plot of the book a bit more and that the ending was the same, I haven't seen the film for awhile so I have forgotten how it ends.

The ending in the film is different to the ending in the book, which is annoying since I love the film.

Some of my favourite scenes in the book/film are when Ashe Corven goes to the

peep-o-rama to kill the first victim Nemo and he says "do you want me baby?" before he kills Nemo, then he gets vengeance for himself and his son Danny since they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and they were both murdered. 

I believe that the person who is resurrected whether it is a man or a woman is a martyr for their cause, since they have suffered greatly at the merciless hands of other people that are evil. They are given a second chance to avenge their deaths or murders, for being wronged, so that they will be at peace and finally be able to join their loved ones in the afterlife.

I wish there were more books about a variety of subjects and more female characters since there was only one female character in a graphic novel or book in the crow series. Hopefully the crow: wicked prayer is about native americans like the film is. I don't understand why there isn't a book based the film the crow:salvation either.

An interesting book

The Crow: Hellbound - A.A. Attanasio, James O'Barr

This book is about an angel that is stuck in hell and wants to save a human soul so he will be allowed entry into heaven. One of the demonic character was really annoying, since it is a snake so it pronounced everything it said a certain way. This book is like all the other crow book, because the main character isn't resurrected until 100-160 pages into the book, and it t is 237 pages long.

This book is about demons in hell that come to earth to pursue a renegade angel that was in hell and escaped to save a hell bound soul that was currently suffering or in pain in some way and would need his help. However his is a liar and cannot be trusted. If you like reading about angels, demons in the human world possessing and tormenting human beings then you will like this book. I liked some of the phrases used in this book such as "summinaries of darkness" and "vessels of inequity" but I forgot what that means.
I did like this book, but I wish it was more connected to the original graphic novel it gains inspiration from.
All of these books are original stories but don't really relate to the crow much, which is a bit annoying that they are using the name the crow and it is only very loosely connected to James O'Barr's work.

A good book

The Crow: Temple of Night - S.P. Somtow, James O'Barr

This book was okay, It was probably my least favourite, however I did like the evil character that is a serial killer Dirk Temple and the woman that is psychic/a shaman.
This book is based in Thailand, it is about a Journalist named Stephen Lelloit and his wants to make a documentary or tv show about the sex industry in Thailand but it is a little exploitative of the women that he talks to. His grandmother Linda Dusit who is the Shaman, can astral project herself into the spirit realm while there she senses an evil presence which is Dirk Temple.
Dirk Temple who is my favourite character because he is depraved and psychotic, he goes on a killing spree so he can metamorphose into a godlike being and then rule over human beings to collect their souls. However things don't exactly work out for him so eventually he is punished. One of his murder victims and her brother are finally set free.

A unique story

The Crow: The Lazarus Heart - Poppy Z. Brite, James O'Barr

The copy that I have of this book, is a pre-owned used copy but it's in relatively good condition, since it was very cheap and I was lucky to find a copy of it. This book is inspired and loosely based on the graphic novel The Crow by James O'Barr.
I haven't read any books by this author before but I was pleasantly surprised, I really like the way the book was written the characters and the plot of the book. I have never read a book about a character that was resurrected and reanimated after they had died before, I really liked the graphic detail that described what it would be like to be dead but then brought back to life for a particular purpose.
There were also references to authors and a particular style of music and goth characters in the book that I appreciated.

This book is about twin brother and sister Benjamin and Lucrese Dubois and their relationship with the main character Jared Poe who is an S&M photographer. There is a serial killer on the hunt in New Orleans where the boom is based and his victims are trans-gendered or transsexual people that are male and female. He believes that they are an abomination and should be wiped off the face of the earth (I don't share this belief and I don't hate or discriminate anyone just for their sexuality) Jordan the Ripper slayer of New Orleans, likes to do experiments on his victims and then murders them once he is finished. However, on one particular evening Jared wakes up to find Benjamin has been murdered and he is covered in his blood, Benjamin was slaughtered and the only suspect is Jared, eventually he pays for this crime with his life.
While the murders are occurring detective Frank Gray is investigating the case and following the crimes until it leads him to the real murderer Jordan.
This is a short book, and you could read it in one day, I really enjoyed reading this book, I like the pace of the plot and characters were interesting and it was well written. I liked how the focus shifts between the characters in the book and how they are all intertwined and eventually all the lose ends are tied and you reach the conclusion. If you liked The Crow graphic novel by James O' Barr then you'll like this book as
well. This is the first crow novel based on James O'Barr's work that I have read but it was really good.

An original story

The Crow: Quoth the Crow - David Bischoff, James O'Barr

While reading this book, I was wondering what this has to do with the original graphic novel because it doesn't really relate it that much. Although the main character is resurrected it doesn't happen until about half way through the book.
William Blessing is one of the main characters he is an expert and obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe the writer and poet from the 18-19th century. At first I found his character a little boring, but one he was murdered and he was resurrected the plot for this character picked up the pace.

Mick Prince and the gothiques are a group of friends who are goths and they get the idea from William's protege to break and loot the Poe collection of first edition signed books in William Blessing's library. Mick Prince is a psychopath and a murderer, he would willingly murder anyone for money or if that particular person was a nuisance with a big mouth for example.
However things don't go according to plan, after William discovered that he was betrayed by his protege Donald Marquette and the direct result of it is that his wife Amy is beaten and raped and William is murdered by Donald and his friends the Marquis and count Mishka.

William is resurrected and allowed by the crow to seek vengeance upon the people that were directly responsible for the rape and beating of his wife and to avenge his own murder. I liked reading the parts of the book about Edgar Allan Poe and his siblings and parents. I wasn't aware that he had any siblings because his family isn't mentioned much in books or in any adaptations about him.
If you are a fan of Edgar Allan Poe then you will love this book, because before the start of every chapter there is a quote from Edgar Allan Poe's poems and short stories.


It packs a punch to your brain

Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk

I liked reading this book, it was fun, darkly funny and hypnotic to read. Apparently while Chuck Palahniuk was writing this book, he had the album The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails on repeat and Trent Reznor the singer from Nine Inch Nails had the film Fight Club on repeat while he was writing the album The Downward Spiral.
Since I am a big fan of both of these people I think that is inspiring :) If you like gritty, dark stories about self-destructive losers then you will love this book. After awhile, I have to admit, that I get get a bit fed up with the protagonist or other characters talking about the rules of fight club, since it is all about macho men, beating their chests and showing everyone else who is bigger and better than them.I liked the fact that the protagonist suffered from insomnia, and he hated his life, his job and his boss and everything was a copy of a copy of a copy, just like the Nine Inch Nails song A Copy of A which reminded me them so that's why I mentioned them above. His insomnia is so severe that he can't even tell when he is awake or when he is asleep and dreaming.
I did however like the surprising twist about Tyler Durden's character and weather he was just an hallucination, or a separate entity altogether. Overall, I liked the fact that the main protagonist was relate-able, and self-destructive till he was severely hurt and still continued on with his job and attending the various different fight clubs or project mayhem.

One of my favourite books

Audition - Ryū Murakami, Ralph McCarthy

I had seen the film before I read the book.
Both are as good as each other, although I think maybe some people might be disappointed if they watch the film first then read the book and vice versa. However for me, since I have a very vivid imagination, I could picture the film in my head while I was reading this book.

The film/book each have a slow pace, that builds the tension.

This leads to one of the most memorable scenes in a book/film. (In my opinion, the part of the book/film at the hotel on-wards is the best part)

I love this book, and I really enjoyed reading it, for a full day, because at the time, I was really ill, so this helped a lot.
If you like Japanese cinema/culture or just Japanese or Korean Literature in general then I think you will enjoy reading this book, and watching the film. Although the pace sometimes, might be a little slow, for some people.

Personally I am a huge fan of foreign literature, especially if it is set in Japan, Russian, Germany and it involves a crime, or it is a horror story. I also really like the dark humor in these types of books, when the main character is considering doing something out of character, and thinks of it in a funny way.

I recommend this book, to fans of Japanese culture or foreign literature. I just ordered another book by this author, and I can't wait to read more of his work.

The film novelization vs. the original short story

Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Novelisation - Peter Lerangis

So I like this novelization because it was a lot like the film and it was fast paced and atmospheric which I love, it's one my favourite films. I like the fact that Ichabod Crane is terrified of spiders because I am as well they creep me out, but I don't really understand how he can be a constable in the New York Police Department if he is squeamish about blood or corpses when he has already dealt with people that have been murdered.

However the original story was very detailed about anything other than the headless hessian soldier and why sleepy hollow was cursed or why and how the headless horseman was resurrected.

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